State of Matter is a physics based 2D platformer about water, friendship, nature and evil robots (and some epic adventures as well).

Waterfield has always been an easy going place, until it was destroyed by Boss L. Evilborg (the “L” stands for “Liar”), just when our main character, Whalter, had moved there to his new treehouse!
Help him along Wishper and Phrost to save their home and crush that filthy robot!


Use Whalter’s ability to change between gas, solid and liquid state to defeat the minions of Evilborg, beat the puzzles, levels and save the different planets you can discover!


Save the stranded animals that run away from Waterfield’s destruction and be the bravest drop of water in the universe!


Beat the developers of the game, completing the levels as fast as your water-powers can get you!

High-quality platformer game for mobile devices!


– 2D platformer
– Unique state change mechanics!
– Virtual joystick controls
– State of Matter consists of three different planets with different game play mechanics
– 30 levels
– Every level has 3 objectives: complete it, complete under the time limit and collect all hidden collectables
– Speedrun against developers
– 3 boss battles
– Lots of hidden treasures, captured friends and animals in danger
– Multiple enemies with different weaknesses
– State of Matter ’s soundtrack contains 11 different tracks for different situations