Xenocide is a top-down, arcade crossfire and one moist bloodbath. You’ll have to plough through endless cities, ghostly graveyards and even a hillbilly trailer park whilst avoiding volatile contraptions of carnage. It might be wise to stop off at a local shrine and pray to a deity of your choice, it might help…

You’ll need all the power-ups you can find and when endowed with your trusty firearms you might not perish instantly. Tailor your loadout to suit all of your destructive needs and dominate each danger zone. You can even condemn a friend to join you as a faithful ally! …or as a walking meat-shield for the inevitable carnage.


– Five intense arenas with a variety of environments, mechanics and enemies

– Customize your loadout with a selection of weapons and grenades to fit your play style

– Select your favourites from a pool of eighteen power-ups

– Wreak havoc on your enemies with a friend in local co-op mode

– Ascend the the leaderboards to become the ultimate Xenocidal maniac!

Status: Published on Steam in 2015 by Spawn Point OSK